Episode 005: Peter Angus Medlock, Creative Director, Video Producer

Peter Medlock photo

This is Peter’s backstory…

Peter is not your average guy. How many people can say they have been a chef and then taught themselves computer design… from magazines? Not only that, but then go on to shoot amazing videos?

Peter has done many things in his career. Most recently he took his passion for photography and shaped it into a career working with video. In his last job he created a series that showed off ‘Everyday Heroes’ for Grainger, the parts supplier (see video below).

In our conversation Peter talks about how he went from Chef to Associate Vice President of Marketing and the not always clear or easy path along the way.  He references how he learned from the works of people like Beastie Boys photographer Ricky Powell. And while he wasn’t directly tutored by Ricky Powell, he says that social media has made it easier to reach out and connect with others that are doing amazing work.

Check out some of Peter’s work on the ‘Everyday Hero’ project:

Official Bio

“A lot of people talk about content. I deliver it.

I’m a Creative Director, Director, Producer, D.P., Editor and Writer. All in one. On a daily basis I concept, produce, light, direct, shoot, run audio, edit, design, animate and publish creative pieces.. I do it all. Every role. Every step from start to finish. I take strategic concepts to execution without big crews or bureaucratic teams.

I travel light, A lot of times I’ll fly into a shoot or a convention, pre-light my own set, set up my own audio, shoot and fly out the same day and deliver high quality finished videos for a fraction of the price an agency or production house could ever do because, honestly, they would need 5 different people to do what I do on my own.

Video is the new layout. It’s the dominant medium of our time, yet most companies, agencies and production houses are working on an antiquated model that only makes sense for high budget commercial shoots with large crews.”

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