Episode 007: Kate Matsudaira, Entrepreneur, Technologist, and Parent

This is Kate’s backstory….

One of the benefits going out to multiple conferences each year is the privileged of hearing some amazing keynote speakers and that’s where I heard this episodes guest. I had never heard of Kate Matsudaira before, but I was quickly taken with her talk. Not only did she have awesome graphics for her slides, her message was practical and actionable.


During the podcast Kate and I talked about a few topics. One topic that struck me was the conversation around her work ethic. She mentions being in a single parent household growing up and in fact forced her to learn to work. That work ethic carried over in to multiple facets of her life, including founding her own business and working though weight loss.

Spark notebookKate and I also talk about her Kickstarter project, The Spark Notebook, which spun out of her need for a note book that helped her with timeblocking, but also looked good as she went in front of investors. You can learn more about her Spark Notebooks here.

A huge thanks to Kate for taking a chance and talking with me. She was amazingly gracious as we work through a few tech issues and was even willing to let me ask a few questions for advice.

Official Bio

Kate Matsudaira (@katemats) has spent her entire career leading brilliant teams, and is currently a Principal at Urban Influence, an award winning branding and interactive agency in Seattle, WA.

Previously, Kate was the founder and CEO of Popforms (acquired by Safari Books Online in 2015). She has also worked as the VP Engineering/CTO at Decide (acquired by Ebay), Moz, and Delve Networks (acquired by Limelight), and as a software engineer, tech lead, and manager at Amazon and Microsoft.

Kate is a keynote speaker at conferences around the world, and teaches a highly sought after workshop for teams on the elements of successful leadership. She also maintains a popular blog on management, productivity, and creating an amazing career at katemats.com.  You can also test out her goal setting system by checking out theSparkNotebook.com, a notebook designed to make you more successful.

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