Looking to the Beginning

There’s something about beginning something. Beginnings are exciting, sometimes dramatic, sometimes uneventful. Regardless, starting always carries with it an energy. It also carries a lot of unknowns.

island-map-with-finger-1280-853In the case of starting a podcast, my goal is to not get ahead of myself. With this blog setup, it’s a lot like packing the car the night before. It’s exciting, but it’s work. I’ve driven across the country a few times, and you just want to jump in the car and go. The night before you’ll be somewhat restless, and your mind will be focused on going.

Well the car is almost loaded. It’s about time to get the journey moving ahead. I’m starting the task of seeking out the guests. I made a list, it’s a least 50 people long, and I didn’t even think too hard or stretch too much. Not everyone invitation will be a slam dunk ‘yes’, but I am hopeful. However, it’s my list, and it will be a good start.

I also really want to know who you want to hear from too. Got a suggestion? Leave a comment. Happen to have a connection with that person, even better. Get in touch with me.

The Backstory Project is all about where people have come from, how did they get where they are or to some notable point. Backstories take time to form though. There’s no time like today to start creating a backstory for this project. In the immortal words of Dr. Suess,

“Congratulations! Today is your day. You’re off to great places! You’re off and away!”

So here we go.  Episode 0 coming soon.

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