The Backstory

Episodes comings soon….

The Backstory Project has been an idea germinating for a while now. Once about a time, I hosted a video show, The Forge for a tech company. Through that experience I was able to meet and talking with amazing people. It was then I learned a love for the interview, but even more so, I love to learn the path and journey many of these fantastic folks took.

As I started looking for a project, this idea of a podcast kept coming up. And as for the actual topic, it wasn’t obvious to me at first. I knew I wanted it to be less about personal stuff, my life after all, isn’t that interesting. And hardcore business stuff, well, there are others probably more qualified that me. Once I figured it out, it’s been an adventure to actually make it happen.

This is the genesis of making it happen, and that’s the backstory.

About the Host

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Matt Pierce is many things to many people. His first love, is his wife and family. They are preeminent. He is a Latter-day Saint, which his faith guides him in being curious, full of integrity, and sometimes really busy. He is also a trainer, instructional designer, and a manager for TechSmith Corporation, although this in no way connected with that work.

Matt has been a speaker at a number of conferences, in technical communication, training, and education. Want to geek out about instructional design, training, or a number of other typically geeky things, drop: him a line @piercemr.