Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon and Micro Stories

You’ve probably had the experience when you buy something, you tend to notice it more often. Like cars, you’ll notice the model of car everywhere you go. This is the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon. (As an aside, I’ve noticed the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon in action prepping for this article.)

Baader Meinhof Phenomenon

As I’ve started working on The Backstory Project I find myself asking a lot more questions, trying to learning more about people, what they do, and where they come from. Without fail, people have stories to tell. They might be a little reluctant – I mean, let’s be fair, these are not usually people I know well – but they keep sharing. Sometimes it’s fascinating, sometimes surprising, and sometimes there’s a variety of emotions (both good and bad).

Did you know that there is a whole business dedicated to importing used Jeeps from Japan, fixing them up, and selling them to rural mail carriers? The person I talked with fixed the cars. Part of the job is driving the Jeep around for at least 500 miles. Imagine being a mechanic working on cars with their steering wheel on the right side of the vehicle and having to drive that vehicle on a daily basis.

I’ve heard from another person how tragedy propelled a major career shift, and yet another how chiropractic medicine not only helped relive hi individual pain but led him to become a chiropractor. There are so many stories out there.

However, not every story needs to be or should be on the podcast (nor do I have time), but each is interesting. Not every story is long and developed, some are still developing. Micro-stories are critical, they build, and combine, leading to bigger, richer, and more complete stories. We often don’t need to hear from the time someone can first remember. The starting point might be much more recent and the end point might not yet be realized.

Tell your Micro-story

So in addition to guests to join the podcast, I am announcing a call for micro-stories. Come contribute to The Backstory.Got a mirco-story? Want to write? Send it my way for review and potential adding to the site. Don’t want to write? Still talk to me. We’ll see what we can figure out.

Status of the podcast:

Several guest are scheduled to talk. But let’s be honest, time is at a premium (for me and especially them!). I’m hoping by waiting for the guests I want, the show will be better. Trust me no one is more anxious to get going than me. But some future guests, I hope, make it worth the wait.

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