Inertia and Gravity

Night Desert Sky, Long exposureSo one of the benefits of having set up this blog is that it’s not only for the podcasts (yes, I am working towards that still), but it’s a chance to provide commentary.

Inertia is a funny thing. The universe wants to keeps things still, or at least moving at a constant.Definition of InertiaFinding guests for a podcast that has basically zero subscribers, zero influence, and from someone most people haven’t heard from before – inertia wants to have it’s way and keep things nice and easy. So to help overcome inertia, here’s a quick update. Invites are being sent as fast as I can, and within reason.

I am trying to be systematic about the way this all works. As I look for guests, I am looking for people who many listeners might find interesting. I’m also trying to build something here, so while I really believe everyone could be interesting – let’s call a spade a spade — not everyone will be all that interesting. However, I am willing to take a chance on a lot of different people for the love of the interview.

So guests are being invited, a format for posts has been developed. I’ve actually outlined all the steps and emails from first invite to post show follow-up. I’ve got 4 kids who are busy, work, community, and church responsibilities – it’s got to be streamlined to get this to going.

But here’s the thing. I’ve done my homework. A lot of what we’re all waiting for is scheduling and finding more guests to build the queue. And while it seems gravity always works against projects like this, I’m hoping that instead of bringing things to stop, that there will be a gravity assist, and the speed and trajectory will be enhanced through the process.

Gravity Assist definition

Is there someone you want us to talk with? I’d love an introduction, a connection, anything to help make that process as easy as possible. Leave a comment below or talk to me on twitter: @backstoryproj or @piercemr.

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